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From the Vice President:


My name is Cassidy, and I was born with cerebral palsy/hemiplegia due to a stroke at birth. I spent the first twelve years of my life with my right hand tightly fisted, and my arm locked in a right angle position. My right foot and ankle could not point or flex, twist or turn, and walked with a limp. Atrophy set in and my right side was much smaller than my left. I only had partial vision in my right eye which caused me to run into things all of the time. Doctors and therapist always advised my family that there was no cure.

When I was twelve years old we met a gentleman who told us of a treatment he felt could help me. I did not want to have this treatment because I was happy with who and how I was. After all, that is all I had ever known. My family convinced me to give it a try because I had nothing to lose. Any improvement at all would only be gain.

Making this decision changed my life forever! After my first treatment I was able to pick up a pen, cell phone, and opened the car door with my right hand for the first time. By the end of the week, I was able to move my ankle a little and I had full vision. I have now, several years later, received between 15-20 treatments and continue to improve. Before treatment, I was pulled out of class by Special Needs teachers and received modified work assignments. I am now taking Pre-AP (Advanced Placement) classes at school. My self-confidence has grown along with my progress.

It is my passion to help others with neurological disorders. I invite you to explore this website and watch the videos to learn more about this life changing treatment. I ask you to please help me to help others.


Cassidy Moore

What others say about us:

Here's what people are saying about The Brain and Neurological Treatment Foundation and scalp acupuncture:


These treatments are really amazing!  No one has helped as much as scalp acupuncture.   Not therapist, not medical doctors, or chiropractors…NO ONE!!   - Tracy Rast

This is miraculous!  My husband was able to say many new words that I know are coming from the depths of his mind (after 7 years post stroke with Aphasia)!  Plus a song he knew came on the radio and he sang the whole song!! This is just wonderful!!  - Kristie Zack


I was diagnosed with MS in 2006, due to a neurologist’s opinion.  I had back pain at the base of my spine, bedridden and in a wheelchair.  What this treatment was able to accomplish was miraculous, suddenly I was walking upright and had tons of vitality again, more than I had had for a long while.   –Ron Edwards

Final day of my daughter’s treatments. This is treatment #8. All signs of RSD are GONE!!!! This kid is cured!!! They said it wasn't possible, we proved otherwise. Her life will be normal again. This treatment has changed her world! The little girl who was wheel chair bound 2 months ago, is back on her feet and strong as ever! –Heather Blevins

My husband has Parkinson’s and after one week of treatment his big tremors are gone, tiny tremors are fading away. He woke up today and said how much better he feels. This is amazing. –K. Ellis

I was born with cerebral palsy. I am now 34 years old and have lived my whole life with cp. It has affected my right arm and leg. Before having treatment, I had a little bit of a limp as I walked and would always favor my left side. Within 10 minutes of my first treatment I was walking normal, without the limp. I felt like I was more balanced than ever before. Also, the muscles in my right arm and hand were very tight before and I would not use them at all. After the first session I can move my arm and hand very easily and have started using my right side so much more now. It is so wonderful what this treatment has done!!  -JJ Dalton


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